About Us

This site is the brainchild of an avid shisha lover. Me.  I love shisha. There is no fancier, empirical authority being used for these reviews, it is 100% based on the views of an every day shisha/hookah/waterpipe smoker.

I try to stay objective but well, I'm partial to my favourite places. They didn't become my favourites overnight, they did because over the years they have regularly provided a fine product with great service, so maybe it's not partiality but rather just damn good shisha. 

This site reviews the spots where you can go to enjoy that shisha/hookah experience in Hong Kong. Bars, cafes, lounges and restaurants - the aim is to cover them all. 

If you have ideas of where to review next, drop me a line on the blog or at ismoke@hongkongshisha.com